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System Treatment & Safety

An abundant supply from Fairpoint Regional Utility System and the Floridan Aquifer is our primary sources of water. We pump from these wells and send the water to our storage tanks. There the water is treated and stored. It is then pumped throughout the underground distribution system using high pressure pumps. The cross-connection controls placed at your service line insures that no contaminates will be re-introduced into the water system. This system has proven itself time and time again as a reliable process for our water need and for itís delivery.

From design to installation to successful water service and quality assurance, we cover the bases with the highest quality equipment and materials available. We meet or exceed all state and federal water quality standards and are closely linked to current emergency standard and procedures. All set in place in order to provide a steady flow of highest quality water, directly to your home or business.


Reading your water meter


There are several reasons why you may want to locate and read your water meter. To learn how, download the document below.



How to Read Your Meter

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