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What are your business hours?

Offices hours are 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday the drive through window opens at 7:00 a.m. Our payment drop box is available 24 hours every day for your convenience. No cash payments please.


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How do I read my bill?

Download the document below to view a detailed bill.


How to Read Your Bill

Download the FREE Adobe Reader to view this document


For more information about paying your bill, please visit our Pay Your Bill page.


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How do I sign up for service?

There is a service application that you will need to complete. We require a copy of your valid drivers license or picture ID on file. A $75 deposit if you are renting the home or $50 if you are the homeowner. Plus a $25 application fee is due at time of service request. All commercial applications require a $75 deposit.


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What is a Cash Only account?

Any account (residential or commercial) that has 3 checks or Electronic File Transfers returned within a 12 month period must pay with cash, money order or certified cashiers check for 12 months.


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How can I pay my bill?


  • Cash
  • Money Order, Certified Check or Cashier's Check
  • Personal Check, unless account is noted cash only
  • Automatic Bank Draft (see Pay Your Bill page)
  • Pay Online


For more information about paying your bill, please visit our Pay Your Bill page.


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Where can payments be made?

You may pay your bill online, by mail or at our office. Below is our mailing and office address.


Midway Water Systems

4971 Gulf Breeze Parkway

Gulf Breeze, FL 32563-9286


For more information about paying your bill, please visit our Pay Your Bill page.


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Does Midway Water System estimate water bills?

We do not estimate bills, except in unexpected circumstances such as hurricanes or other disasters that cause power outages or unsafe conditions.


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Why would my water pressure be unusually low?

If the problem has occurred suddenly, there may be a break in plumbing. Check all of your faucets to see if it is your plumbing. If all faucets are affected, there may be a nearby main water line break or it could be from an unusually high demand on the system. Check with neighbors to see if they are experiencing a similar problem. If the answer is yes, call the Water System. Otherwise check for signs of a leak and contact a plumber. You can turn off all of your faucets and check your water meter.


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How do I check for leaks?

If you suspect there is a leak somewhere in your plumbing, try these easy steps to locate it:


Observe your meter noting the position of the red dial (flow indicator) that records individual gallons. Wait at least 15 minutes without using water. Look at the meter again to see if the dial has moved. If it did not, there are probably no leaks. Waiting longer between meter readings (overnight, for instance) might help you detect slow or intermittent leaks. If the flow indicator dial has moved, check all of your faucets for visible leaks. For more detailed instructions on how to read your meter, please refer to the System Treatment & Safety page of our web site.

To check for toilet leaks add a few drops of food coloring to the water in the tank and do not flush. Wait fifteen to twenty minutes to see if the colored water appears in the toilet bowl. If it does, then there is a leak. Repairing the leak is normally inexpensive and easy to do. Replacement part kits are available at most hardware stores. Flush the toilet to prevent the food coloring from staining. After making repairs, repeat the meter reading procedure to verify that any leaks have been properly repaired.


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Where do I find the meter?

Water meters are outside, usually in the right of way near the street.


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Will you test my water meter if I request it?

Yes, we will test or inspect your meter upon request. If the test results indicate the meter is within the established accuracy limits, there is a $25 testing fee. If test results show the meter is not within the accuracy limits, the testing fee will be waived.


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Why does the water system flush the lines?

Water lines may be flushed for several reasons. Flushing keeps water fresh in low flow or dead-end areas. Flushing restores chlorine that may have been lost. An area may require flushing after main breaks or repairs have been made.


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Why does the water system use chlorine?

Chlorine is an effective disinfectant used to kill harmful bacteria that may be present in the water. Water systems are required by federal law to disinfect their water.


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If you have any other questions not listed on this page, please contact us.


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